Friday, April 8, 2016

Ugo Bardi's Personal Home Page

Welcome to Ugo Bardi's home page. I don't know how you arrived here, nor why, but this is a very informal page about me: not even a real home page (it is made using "blogspot"). But it may be a starting point to see the work that I am doing.

So, first of all, a super-short CV. I am a faculty member of the University of Florence, in Italy, where I teach physical chemistry and materials science. I am active in research in subjects such as mineral resources, renewable energy, system dynamics applied to economics and more, including being a partner of the European project MEDEAS dedicated to modeling the supply of mineral resources to Europe. Among the various things related to my scientific activity, I am one of the three chief editors of Biophysical Economics and Resource Quality (BERQ). It is a very interesting, ambitious, and innovative journal published by Springer. High quality submissions are welcome; check the web site for instructions.

In addition to the academic scientific activity, I am a member of the Club of Rome and of the Energy Watch group. I write a lot on the Web and my articles have appeared on "The Oil Drum," "Energy Bulletin", "Financial Sense on line" and on Cassandra's Legacy. Possibly the contribution I am best known for is the "Seneca Effect", the name I gave to the idea that things go to pieces much faster than the time needed to assemble them.

I have been also convinced to work as a delegate for promoting sustainability at the University of Florence, taking care of such things as dissemination of research results, installation of local vegetable gardens, good practices in waste management and the like. This takes a lot of my time, but it is a very interesting story.

My most recent book is "The Seneca Effect: why growth is slow but collapse is rapid" (Springer 2017). Another book of mine that you may find interesting is EXTRACTED: how the quest for mineral wealth is plundering the planet. (Chelsea Green, 2014). 

That's more or less it for a short introduction of myself, for more data see this page: Ugo Bardi's CV and personal notes.

Prof. Ugo Bardi
Dipartimento di Chimica, Università di Firenze
Tel +39055 457-3118

My Blogs:

Cassandra's Legacy - the main blog I keep, about one post per week dedicated to sustainability, resource depletion, system dynamics, and more

The Seneca Effect - this is mainly a repository of the posts relative to the Seneca collapse published on Cassandra's Legacy, but it also contains some original posts.

Chimeras. A very personal blog, where I publish on my (sometimes weird) interpretations of ancient myths, poetry, and literature.

Effetto Risorse   (in Italian) The twin of "Cassandra's Legacy", it publishes not only my posts but a variety of other people's posts and many translations from English